I have the same problem when the shrouds are tensioned to 17ish%

I recessed the hinges into the frame, which moved the door <>3/16 to Stbd and 
allows closing.

Same problem with the aft cabin door.

If I slack the rig enough to close the doors, its scary sailing with the 
leeward stuff just flopping around. So I dont



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I've had this (minor) issue over a year where we can't fully close the v-berth 
door on our Landfall 38. 


At first I thought it was just due to heat expansion of the wood in the summer, 
but it started roughly after I tightened the main shrouds a couple turns (due 
to masthead fall off in higher winds). And this winter when I had the mast out 
for rerig I noticed the v-berth door closed fine. 


Is this just normal flex for C&C's?  Anyone else had this issue? 


It's binding at the door jamb and the lower right half of the door. I tried to 
check the bulkhead to hull and deck joints, but it's hard to inspect those much 
since they're covered by a permanent liner.


Releasing backstay tension doesn't help. So I suspect it's the fwd lowers or 
main shrouds that flex the hull the tiny amount needed to squeeze the door 
frame. I double checked that the tie rods are adequately tensioned and there's 
no upward inflexion of the deck at the U-bolts. 


The only thing I can think to do would be to sand down the lower half of the 
door edge and revarnish it.



1984 C&C Landfall 38

Seattle, WA



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