My 33-2 does that if I crank things too tight.   (mast step has been rebuilt), 
and I do not have a hydraulic backstay.  It binds at the top of the doorframe.

There are there are j hooks that are bolted through the mast that grab the cast 
mast partners/ collar to which the halyard turning blocks are mounted.  I 
believe these hooks are there keep the mast collar from being lifted by  pull 
of the halyards.    There are shims between the base of the mast and the step 
that can slightly vary height of the mast and therefore the distance between 
the hooks and the step.   Soooo, without those shims, the mast is inclined to 
press the cabin top down, and therefore the top of the head door frame.   If 
shimmed correctly, the hooks don't pull the cabin down, but they keep the deck 
from lifting via halyard pressure etc..
If you have a similar arrangement, this could be impacting things.  

Dave.  33-2

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> On Aug 10, 2017, at 4:18 PM, Patrick Davin <> wrote:
> Interesting. I inspected my mast step closely when the mast was out, since I 
> know some LF38s have had that issue. Mine looked okay. Dennis when your head 
> door was stuck, was it binding at the top and bottom edges of the door?  
> Given your cabin roof was being pushed down I imagine that's what would 
> happen. My v-berth door is binding at the sides - the bottom 3 feet - so that 
> makes me think it's due to horizontal squeezing of the hull. 
> I know some flex / compression is natural from the forces of the rig on all 
> sailboats, more so on more flexy boats than on older solid fiberglass boats. 
> The LF38 has no deck tie downs at the fwd bulkhead, just the aft bulkhead. So 
> I'm wondering whether that lack of deck tie downs allows the hull to flex 
> more at that fwd section. 
> -Patrick
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>> Subject: Re: Stus-List Can't close the v-berth door
>> Years ago, I installed a hydraulic backstay adjuster on Touche'.  Hot dog!  
>> Picked the boat up from the yard and went out on the lake to try it out.  
>> Cranked it down and, oops, the head door wouldn't open.  Temporary boat 
>> rule:  nobody uses the head going upwind.  Downwind, backstay off, door 
>> opened fine.
>> Didn't take long to discover deteriorated mast step.  Tightened the rig, the 
>> mast was driven downward into the boat.  The turning blocks on the mast 
>> pushed the collar down, deformed the cabin roof and bound up the head door.
>> Rebuilt mast step solved issue.
>> Your experience may be different.
>> Dennis C.
>> Touche' 35-1 #83
>> Mandeville, LA
>>> On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 1:43 PM, Patrick Davin via CnC-List 
>>> <> wrote:
>>> I've had this (minor) issue over a year where we can't fully close the 
>>> v-berth door on our Landfall 38. 
>>> At first I thought it was just due to heat expansion of the wood in the 
>>> summer, but it started roughly after I tightened the main shrouds a couple 
>>> turns (due to masthead fall off in higher winds). And this winter when I 
>>> had the mast out for rerig I noticed the v-berth door closed fine. 
>>> Is this just normal flex for C&C's?  Anyone else had this issue? 
>>> It's binding at the door jamb and the lower right half of the door. I tried 
>>> to check the bulkhead to hull and deck joints, but it's hard to inspect 
>>> those much since they're covered by a permanent liner.
>>> Releasing backstay tension doesn't help. So I suspect it's the fwd lowers 
>>> or main shrouds that flex the hull the tiny amount needed to squeeze the 
>>> door frame. I double checked that the tie rods are adequately tensioned and 
>>> there's no upward inflexion of the deck at the U-bolts. 
>>> The only thing I can think to do would be to sand down the lower half of 
>>> the door edge and revarnish it.
>>> -Patrick
>>> 1984 C&C Landfall 38
>>> Seattle, WA
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