Some radar will interfere with some other radar sometimes. The weird lines you 
see do not show where the boat is. I have never seen this sailing, but I have 
flying. It was a series of curved dashed lines across the screen.
AIS will be 10,000x better than any kind of radar reflector to get you seen by 
other boats, but the radar reflector can’t hurt.

Joe Della Barba
C&C 35 MK I

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Here's a question for your collective wisdom:

We regularly have fog here in Maine, and my normal practice is to hoist a Davis 
emergency radar reflector in the shrouds (so I hopefully will not get run over 
by a lobster boat). So this year I decided to get the yard to mount an EchoMax 
reflector on the mast, and be better prepared.

However, reviewing my work-list with the yard maintenance manager yesterday, he 
asked why I was doing this, as I have radar, and the signal from my radome 
would light up on other boats' radar better than a reflector.

That's something I've never heard before, so I told him I would investigate and 
get back on that. Frankly, this does not make a lot of sense - why would people 
bother with radar reflectors - but he has more than 20 years' experience with 
Hinckley and others.

I'd like a definitive answer (Fred?) to resolve this.


Damian Greene

ex C&C 34 Ghost
now Sabre 38 Freefall
Bass Harbor, Maine

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