Agreed value is for the entire boat. I am not sure that helps with dismasting 
or other non-total loses.

Joe Della Barba

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Isn’t one of the options the so called “agreed value” insurance? This is what I 
am using for over 10 years (both for the previous boat and this one). This way, 
the value does not depreciate over time. You agree on the value (in fact you 
call it, but they adjust the premium) and that’s it. Any additional costs 
(liability, salvage etc.) don’t depreciate, so it is not the issue.

just my 2 (Canadian) cents

in Ottawa, ON

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Have been monitoring this thread from the Canadian north.

A pattern to consider in relation to depreciation is, considering the 
hurricanes, storms, frequency, numbers, and perhaps where people store their 
boats for the winter (mainland or other).

It comes to mind the insurers are also mitigating  their risk for the future. 
As a result they have devised a method that supports paying out far less than 
they do today due to the increased frequency of disasters.

I don’t mean to stir the pot here, just an observation.



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