I had a toolbox full of snap-on tools stolen and Allstate tried to depreciate them. I argued that there could never be any depreciation on Snap-On tools because they had an unlimited lifetime exchange guarantee. I had presented Snap-on with screw drivers broken into 3 pieces and they handed me a new one. Even a little plating flaking off was enough to get a tool replaced with a brand new one. Allstate relented and paid me full replacement cost. It was almost $6000. That was in the late 1970's.

Bill Bina
On 2/9/2018 12:12 PM, Della Barba, Joe via CnC-List wrote:

So what about Progressive or Allstate?

Do either one of them do the “depreciating” BS? I can see depreciating sails and exterior canvas, but things like a pedestal? It is cast aluminum and should last 500 years without issue if no one breaks it or steals it.

Seems like a backdoor rate increase – you get less for your money L



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Yup...apparently BoatUS lost their shirt after the last round of hurricanes...boats over-insured etc.

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