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Dennis — I did NOT do any sanding after the initial wood preparation; nothing 
between coats.  The first coat of AwlWood is a colored or clear primer coat; 
apply with a rag, and let dry for twenty-four hours.  The finish coats go on 
well with disposable foam brushes; thin coats, with a redcoat time of about two 
to four hours (maybe more with higher humidity).  I did ten coats on everything 
(six handrails and four Dorade boxes) over two days.
The finished results can be seen here:

— Fred

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For me, the difference is in the sanding between coats.  If you want really 
great varnish, you need to diligently sand between coats.  Cetol does not 
require sanding between coats.  Apllying a filler to the bare teak prior to 
varnish is another difference.
Interested in results and experiences with Awlwood.

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