Hi All,

I'm in discussion with the yard to replace the fixed windows on my 37/40+ this spring. They barely leak, but there are vertical splits on both sides of the forward windows and in big downpours do leak. I currently have blue tape on them to stop the leaks when I'm not around. I want them replaced and looking sharp before the wife picks out new upholstery for the interior.

So far I'm looking at having them use 3M 4991 VHB tape and Dow 795 caulking. For those that have this done, any tips I should pass on to the folks doing the work.

Also what was used for the windows, "cast" plexiglass? and what thickness? I've read 3/8 in posts, but I've been told 1/4" would work better due to the curvature of the adhesion area.

Mark Baldridge
'89 C&C 37/40+ "The Edge"
Surf City, NC


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