I put on my wish list as a possible stationary end to mount our whisker on the 


But I need to do a template of the mast to make sure it will fit

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> Ok Guys,
> I've been test fitting the whisker pole and track extensions to the mast
> while it is pulled.  I need an extra section of track to get the inboard
> end of the pole high enough so that I can stow the pole on the mast.  I'm
> pretty much all set but I'm down to the chock which will hold the outboard
> end of the pole.  The chock has a flat base and needs to be mounted on the
> curved leading edge of the mast.
> I'm interested in the collective wisdom as to how to handle this situation.
> Thanks,
> Josh Muckley
> S/V Sea Hawk
> 1989 C&C 37+
> Solomons, MD

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