I second Dennis’s prescription.   It does not need much heat, but a good 
scraper is key.   

Don’t waist your time with a cheap metal blade scraper.  Get a Bahco #665 ($25 
on Amazon) which has a  tungsten carbide blade.  The blade will literally last 
you a lifetime without the need to sharpen.  I purchased one about 5 year ago 
along with a replacement blade. I have used it from scrapping off bottom paint 
to toe rails.  I have pretty much abused the scrapper, and I still have not 
needed the spare blade. 

Paul E.
1981 C&C 38 Landfall 
S/V Johanna Rose
Fort Walton Beach, FL


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> How do you remove Cetol? Do you use a heat gun? If so what about the gel
> coat? Do you sand it off? I?m considering doing the toerails on my LF 38.
> Yep.  Heat gun and a good scraper, preferably a two handed one.
> Sanding also works but may be damaging to the wood.
> Dennis C.


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