To clarify so the C&C owner's group doesn't try to Keelhaul, flog, or have
my surveyor walk the plank. He didn't suggest the epoxy. It was the only
information I had found in my limited search for a solution to "seal the
keel bolts" in accordance with his recommendation. I asked the question
here because I didn't want to do anything idiotic without leveraging the
probably hundreds of years of sailing and boat maintenance experience that
this group has. The message is clear the epoxy is out, and I may be an
idiot for even thinking it may be a viable solution, but I'm the idiot that
knows when to ask a question. Thank you for your (in some cases passionate)
help. I appreciate what you all bring to this forum and all that I've
learned from reading your posts.

Brien Sadler
1987 C&C 35-3

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