Doug & Damian
        I have been thinking in similar lines of the Honda 2000i or so. What I 
have been playing with is a design for my C&C 35 MkI where the generator would 
sit below the Starboard cockpit hatch just behind where others have put a 
refrigeration system for the ice box. 
                1. Running the necessary cables for plug in to power the 
                2. Setup an overboard on the transom for the exhaust with 
potential additional silencing
                3. install light weight sound silencing material on the 
underside of the cockpit and main cabin bulkhead.
        Since I still have my atomic four I am also considering putting in a 
fuel pump off the main gas tank.

        When I get this done I will send picks and diagrams.

        Also Damian hope you are enjoying it up there, I grew up on the north 
east side of the Island.

Rod Meryweather
35 Mk-I Hull - 136
Vi Et Concilio

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> I use a Honda 2000i companion (has 30 amp plug) as a backup power source. At 
> least until I get my solar up and running. The Honda is quiet and wind 
> disturb neighbors in anchorage. I would 
> Put the honda on the bow and not hear it in the cockpit. The 2000 will also 
> power a hot water heater, or 1500 watt space heater. 
> A friend uses a Honda 2000 at night to keep his wife's turtle warm on their 
> Irwin 52. Don't ask. 
> Doug Mountjoy 
> Rebecca Leah 
> LF39 
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> Subject: Stus-List Portable generator question
> A question for your collective wisdom:
> I am scoping out upgrading my stock 55A alternator to a 100A Balmar, and 
> related upgrades to the controls. I had a very productive discussion with Rod 
> Collins at Compass Marine (mainesail), and we worked out the details. 
> Unfortunately he's booked out through the spring, so this job will wait until 
> next winter.
> So thinking then about keeping the batteries charged, and the fridge running 
> on our long summer cruise - where we may go for weeks without access to shore 
> power, I got wondering about using a portable generator to charge the 
> batteries - as an alternative to many hours of running the diesel. There are 
> a couple of Hondas that might do the trick 2000 Watt, weighing 47#, 1000 Watt 
> weighing 29#.
> Have any of you tried this? What could (would) go wrong if I plugged this 
> generator into my inverter, to charge the batteries?
> Regards,
> Damian
> 1986 Sabre 38 Freefall
> Previously 1984 C&C 34 Ghost
> Bass Harbor, Maine

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