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Just placed an order for the manual for my C&C 39. However, there is not a 
paypal link on the order form. Advise how to proceed.

Best regards,
Jack Fitzgerald
C&C 39 TM
Savannah,GA USA

260 Oatland Island Road, Savannah, GA 31410 USA
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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:02 PM, Stu Murray via CnC-List 
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In regards to Ben's email -- the manuals are still available online.

I did receive his order, but to date, I have not seen his check.    Part of
this problem is that the checks are delivered to my Canadian address where
we reside  April to December.  The other times, we are in Florida.  My mail
is picked up regularly in Canada but only gets forwarded 1 a month.  It is
expensive to send a package of junk mail across the border.  That is one
reason I prefer transactions use PayPal.

If and when I do receive a check while in Florida, I have to wait until I
get back home to cash it.  If you are ordering a manual, I will send you
the download link once I get your check. Even though my bank has
smartphone direct deposit, the restrict it to Canadian internet providers.

If you have placed an order from the photo album site, sent a check or money
order and have not received your item(s) -- please send me a note off line
and I will try to resolve the problem.

p.s. Our resort turned off the free wifi this year so our internet usage is
minimal -- the cost for short term connections is terrible.  There are quite
a few xfinity/comcast hotspots around me, but nobody is willing to set
me up to use it.


Thanks everyone for supporting this list with your contributions.  Each and 
every one is greatly appreciated.  If you want to support the list - use PayPal 
to send contribution --   


Thanks everyone for supporting this list with your contributions.  Each and 
every one is greatly appreciated.  If you want to support the list - use PayPal 
to send contribution --   https://www.paypal.me/stumurray

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