Fred, will the link 2000 work on a Prosine 2.5 inverter/charger? 
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If you don’t have a Xantrex charger/inverter, I’d suggest the Xantrex LinkPRO 
instead of the Link 2000:
It’s very reasonably priced (around $250.00 for the two-bank monitor), and made 
for standalone operation.
— Fred

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While there are calculations you can use, rate of battery discharge is also 
affected by battery age and temperature. 
And, since I’m really, really good at spending other people’s money, I’d 
suggest installing a Battery Monitoring System:
I have a similar system on the Enterprise — A Heart Interface Link 2000. See
 Properly installed and programed, you can see how much time you have left on 
your house bank with the draw you are using at any given time. 

All the best,

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