Edson engine control instructions here:



Last page contains instructions for replacing the cables.  Important note: do 
it like it says in the instructions.  It is not intuitive and if you “wing it” 
you’ll be disassembling a bunch of stuff you don’t need to.


If you get in a panic, bring your cell phone with you to the boat.  Ken Martin 
at Edson will walk you through it.  

Good luck!

Chuck Gilchrest

S/V Half Magic

1983 35 Landfall

Padanaram, MA


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Need help from the guru C&C people here please!


I need to replace the shifter cable from my cc 33 I don't know the length, 
haven't got it out yet it looks like is a PITA! anyone here had replaced one 
before that can give me some advice where can I get one? And how can I get that 
darn thing out, space is limited. SHM!



Thank You!



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