So...after stripping (man-many hours) off many years of bad varnish from the 
Dyer Dow's wood bits I applied  5 coats of Cetol Lite (left over from the 
mother ship) on the fresh mahogany seats and spars.  The results were some-what 
orangy but not bad.    I thought the orangy-ness was from putting Cetol on 
mahogany so it was what it was.

So when I acquired the oak gunwhale I asked the Better Half which Cetol color 
she wanted (ran out of the Cetol Lite) and after a bit of perusal she decided 
on Cetol Teak.  Hmm, teak coloring on oak?  But dutifully went out and got it, 
applied a coat and it looked great!

Not the end of the story.

When I installed the rail I sanded a wee bit into the orangy mahagony and 
re-coated it with the Cetol Teak.  When we saw the results of the Cetol Teak on 
the mahogany we both knew what I had to do.

Yup.  Stripped (actually sanded) off the newly applied Cetol Lite and I am now 
prescribing to the recipe proffered here...5 coats Cetol Teak and 2 coats Cetol 

Than you for the great advice and the now great looking "Scallywag".  
Mother-ship is next.


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