I should know more in the not too distant future.  Hard-to-Top is sending me 
sample material, and if I like it, I think I’ll move forward with it in the 
next 30 days or so.


I’ll keep everyone posted,


Bruce Whitmore

1994 C&C 37/40+ “Astralis”

Madeira Beach, FL



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I too am interested in this, my Bimini needs a lot of stitching right now :(

Google-Fu shows some creative cheap solutions. Maryland watermen never met an 
old piece of plywood they couldn’t nail onto a crab boat for shade and shelter 
and people have just attached plywood to their Bimini frame. I have also heard 
of using 4x8 foot fiberglass sheets sold at Home Depot for shower installs and 
they are pretty cheap too and never rot. The next idea isn’t exactly cheap, but 
does serve two functions: Get solar panels big enough and bolt them together 
and use the panels themselves for the covering. I think I would be in the 
200-400 watt range that way! 

The latest Good Old Boat has an article about making a hard Bimini yourself as 





C&C 35 MK I


(If have no pride but hate sun, rumor has it Harbor Freight blue tarps are 


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