Thanks everyone for your input. The Aqua Signal connector looks like a great 
idea as we take down the mast every year for haul out. 

Paul Saxton
C&C 29 Mk 1
Toronto, ON

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> On Feb 18, 2018, at 1:27 PM, Paul Fountain <> wrote:
> We use one of these on the wind cable to facilitate the removal of the mast 
> instead of the white box.
> Paul
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> Subject: Re: Stus-List Raymarine i50 & i60 installation tips?
> Paul — Ken is absolutely correct (as usual…) about the white wind vane cable 
> connection box.  As far as other installation tips, you can daisy-chain the 
> instruments per the manual to share data across them.  You will need to 
> provide a power connection on the SeaTalkNG bus to power them; and you will 
> need to properly terminate the bus in order for it to work reliably.  If 
> you’re tying in with an autopilot or MFD, that will make the SeaTalkNG bus 
> more complicated.
> Contact me if you need more info.
> — Fred
> Fred Street -- Minneapolis
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>> On Feb 18, 2018, at 8:11 AM, Ken Heaton <> wrote:
>> The small white junction box is if you need to cut the wire at the base of 
>> the mast to allow the mast to be removed from the boat without pulling the 
>> wind Sensor cable all the way back to the instrument.  You don't need to 
>> install the white box right away, you could leave a couple of loops in the 
>> cable near the mast base and run the wire to the wind instrument.  You could 
>> cut the cable and install the junction box later if you need to pull the 
>> mast.  When you do, you just bare the wires and insert into the little 
>> terminals and tighten the screws.
>> There should be small spade connectors included in the kit to crimp onto the 
>> cable at the back of the instrument.
>> Ken H.

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