I had a Martec folding prop on my 34 and upgraded to a flex-o-fold when I 
repowered to a 3GM30.  Originally intended to go with a 2 blade folding 
Flex-o-Fold, but after doing some research and talking with locals owners, I 
went with the 3 blade feathering and LOVE IT.   Tons of grab in reverse, tons 
of torque and oomph in a headwind or sea, and in my local fleet what ever I'm 
losing in speed just doesn't make a difference.   I use a "shaft shark" on the 
prop shaft and have never had any issues with catching debris or seaweed, etc;  
The prop seems to open and close smoothly without any issues all season long 
here in new england.   I do not use any paint or oils.. just burnish it every 

Sean C

> From: Dennis C. via CnC-List 
> Sent: Monday, February 19, 2018 5:52 PM
> To: CnClist 
> Cc: Dennis C. 
> Subject: Stus-List Geared folding props
> OK, you all know I have a Martec on Touche' and, for the most part, am 
> satisfied with it.  However, if I did change, my inclination would be to 
> replace it with a geared 2 blade folder.  Especially since I think Martec 
> doesn't make non-geared folders anymore. 
> I have a SPECIFIC question for those who have a geared 2 blade folder. 
> With your geared 2 blade folder, have any of you noticed a failure to fully 
> open or close due to marine growth in the gears?
> Dennis C.
> Touche' 35-1 #83
> Mandeville, LA


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