When we purchased Grace, our 1983 C&C 35, Mark III, it was evident that the boat was purchased and used as a cruiser.  It came with an Asymmetric Spinnaker (with sock) and has a spin pole, but the boat isn't rigged with a pole lift block and halyard.

We just ordered and received a full running rigging kit from Cajun Ropes and plan to install the halyard block to run the pole lift. Anybody have the install dimension for it?

All of the running rigging an Grace seems to be original and is in dire need of replacement.  While I (or any young person that I can convince) am up the mast, I plan on installing flag halyards on the spreaders and turning blocks for lazy jacks, none of which are currently on the boat.  I also noted that the steaming light and deck light were inop.  Might as well get those working as well.

There is a lot to do this spring to put Grace into the condition we want.  We will install the Autopilot and refrigeration from Corsair.  I plan to replace the noisy battery charger with the unit from Corsair (while also adding battery fuses and a battery monitor).

I rebuilt the Water Heater after we hauled last fall.  I'll re-install that with by-pass plumbing to make winterization easier.

Then add the PSS and get the fuel gauge working and we should be ready for the season.

Neil Schiller
1983 C&C 35-3, #028
White Lake Michigan

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