The standing rigging weighs under 100 lbs, would guess the mast is 200 lbs. I 
disconnect the forestay, coil it and store it on board for the winter to 
protect the Harken
Carbo Foil. I can pick up and carry the mast myself, no problem placing it on a 
rack up
to shoulder height.

To switch from saw horses to a mast dolly I place the dolly beside the mast in 
the middle,
left one end of the mast and pivot the mast on the far sawhorse. If I  end up 
on a higher
spot on the mast racks I pick up one end and put it on the rack, then go to the 
other end
and lift the mast up.

Based on that I have to think it is under 250 pounds.

Michael Brown
C&C 30-1

From: Randy Stafford <> 

Hi Gerald, 
I don?t have an exact weight for the mast on my 30 MK I, but I would 
guesstimate it?s in the range of 200-250 pounds.  Two guys can lift it but it?s 
a struggle, and they can?t hold it for long or move it very much.  Four or five 
guys can carry it more easily. 
Randy Stafford 
S/V Grenadine 
C&C 30-1 #7 
Ken Caryl, CO 
> On Mar 13, 2018, at 11:28 AM, gerald field via CnC-List 
> <> wrote: 
> Does anyone have a idea of the approximate weight of the mast on a C&C 30. I 
> am going to buy a chain hoist that i will mount on a frame for moving my mast 
> from its winter stands onto a mast dolly at the club and i want to make sure 
> i get a appropriately sized one. 
> Gerald Field 
> C&C 30 Vagabond 
> Midland Bay Sailing Club 

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