Hi Alan


Had similar issue on my Horizon WS150.  Hopefully my fix can help you.  My 
biggest issue is these parts are no longer available and was reluctant to get a 
whole new system.

Easily disassembled – remove vane, then top is just friction fit with o-ring 
seals to main body to access circuit board.  While the board is not 
serviceable, my issue was the wires are extremely thin and the solder 
connections failed / in process of failing.  Most likely cause is corrosion 
over many years.  Used electronics pencil solder iron to carefully resolder.  
Reassemble.  Works perfectly.


John and Maryann

Legacy III

1982 C&C 34

Noank, CT


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I have ST60+ instruments.  The wind direction indicator reads erratically.  
Sometimes it reads correctly, and sometimes it's off by a lot.  Is the sensor 

Alan Bergen

35 Mk III Thirsty

Rose City YC

Portland. OR



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