Last year I took on a partner on my boat.  We had known each other for several 
years but were not what I would consider really close friends at that point.  

We spent some time writing up an agreement in which we tried to cover all the 
issues that we thought could arise in a partnership.  This helped us understand 
each other's expectations a valuable process where we were able to establish 
that we were compatible in that regard.  We also defined how the partnership 
could be terminated if one partner wanted out.

Since taking on the partner we put in a new motor, added an electric windlass 
and installed a fridge.  And of course all the other things the need doing on 
an older boat.  All of this with no hard words.

I now consider my partner a close friend and feel the partnership has been a 
great success.

For me an important consideration in wanting a partner was that my wife and I 
did not want to feel guilty if we didn't use the boat for a summer, but did 
something else.  A boat needs to be used.   It also cuts the workload in half 
plus makes the chores more enjoyable.  And of course it cuts the costs in half. 
 But it was mostly about not feeling obligated to going sailing all the time.

Andante, C&C 34

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On Apr 5, 2018, at 12:39 PM, Marek Dziedzic <> wrote:

If you still want to go ahead, consider all the _worst_ scenarios, when you are 
still on good terms. Things like who pays for a damage (not as trivial question 
as you might think) - if you decide that the person who did the damage, you 
might encourage hiding it. Similarly, how much you should expect annually for 
maintenance and improvements. What if one person wants to hire the yard to 
replace the bulb and the other is willing to swap the engine himself  over the 

Some of these questions may sound ridiculous, but the time to deal with them is 
before you sign.


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Yes — speaking from personal experience, DON’T DO IT!!!  If you try to do it 
with a friend, there’s a good chance it’ll wreck the friendship.  If you do it 
with people you don’t consider friends or don’t know much about, anything could 
happen to the boat.

— Fred

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> On Apr 5, 2018, at 12:11 PM, Pete Shelquist via CnC-List 
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> For a variety of reasons I’m considering starting a partnership with my Boat. 
> In light of other conversations about buyout, etc. does anyone have 
> suggestions, or sample contracts, I can use to make the relationship 
> manageable ?
> Thx
> Pete


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