You have 3 issues. One is physical space. They are wet cells, so they need to 
fit into battery containers and those containers need to fit into the boat. The 
second is electrical. They take different charging voltages than the AGMs or 
gels they might be replacing and they need equalizing every so often, so your 
charging setup must be able to accommodate that. Trojan has some pretty good 
docs here ( Bulk 
voltage for them and I would assume most other golf cart types is 14.8 volts. 
This is a lot higher than gel or AGM require. They float at 13.5, which is 
lower than usual. Equalize is 16.2 volts. The third issue is self-discharge. 
Unlike gel/agm that have very low self discharge, wet cells can lose up to 10% 
per month. If you are on a mooring or otherwise have no shorepower, you will 
really need a solar panel to keep them topped up.


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I have been following this thread with interest because I suspect my AGM’s have 
been mistreated and may need replacement.  What modifications to the setup are 
needed if the 6V fit in the battery compartment?  I presumed you would just 
wire the double 6V in series and everything else would be the same? Dave

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