On my C&C34-1 I have height restrictions under the quarter berth.  I was
able to go with a group 24 for the start plus 2 X 6V group 27 electric
vehicle batteries for the house bank.

Haze makes a 6V 200Ah AGM group 27 sized battery.  So far, two years after
installing, I'm happy with these.

Think they are the HZB-EV6-200-2 listed here:


I have been following this thread with interest because I suspect my AGM?s
have been mistreated and may need replacement.  What modifications to the
setup are needed if the 6V fit in the battery compartment?  I presumed you
would just wire the double 6V in series and everything else would be the
same? Dave

1990 C&C 34+
New London, CT

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