I actually Have 2 of these on board 😊   but did not run them thru winter on the 
hard My bad !  definitely should have
It’s the diesel small I want out so thinking solar hatch vent will work !

John Conklin

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Touche' has a day/night solar vent in the head.  Parts of the year it is 
covered by me storing the dinghy on the foredeck.

I find that the fan powered heaters work well even when the solar fan is idle.  
I have two of these:


When I leave the boat I use one year round and add the second one for colder 
nights.  If you keep the cabin air above the dew temperature, you won't have a 
lot of moisture except perhaps on hatch and portlight lenses.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA

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