The only suggestion might be to find a way to stabilise the 12 V supply. When 
the engine is running or the shore power is connected your voltage is higher 
(over 13.5 V). Some devices might not respond well to that.


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Subject: Stus-List Modify Router to DC Power Supply

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I purchased a C&C 33 MKII at the end of last sailing season and we 
have loved every moment aboard her. We are new to this list, but are trying to 
come up with a solution so we can reduce the amount of AC powered devices on 
the boat.

I have a 10 year old Apple Airport Extreme and want to know if anyone has 
modified an existing router so that the device can be powered by the DC power 
system on the boat?

The power cable has a block on it saying the input is 110-240V 50-60 Hz 0.5A 
and the Output is 12V (direct current symbol – Solid line with dashed line 
below) 1.8A. Presumably this means the Router operates on 12V DC power. (link 

I am thinking I will cut the line from the block, apply new heat shrink rings 
at the cut side, and power by connecting to the 12V DC power system on the boat.

Has anyone done this? Does anyone have experience making these kinds of 
modifications, and are they safe?

Thank you for your consideration!


Michael Egberts<>
Big Lou – C&C 33 MKII

Cheers, Michael & Catherine<>

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