Two issues:

1.       RF interference: Does the signal from one radio degrade the operation 
of the other radio?

2.       Antenna detuning: Does one antenna interact with the near-field RF to 
detune the other antenna?

Starting with 2, if you mount a vertical antenna at the same level as the VHF 
antenna and within a few feet of it, you can possibly cause the VHF antenna to 
perform poorly. This has no relation to the signal from antenna number two, 
this would happen if the second antenna is not connected to anything. The first 
issue is alleviated by the fact a marine VHF is operating around 156 MHz and 
the Wifi antenna is on 2,400 MHz. If the antennas are not so close you have 
issue number 1, I can’t imagine the two systems would interfere with each other.



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