1993 37/40.
Redoing the rod rigging, mast is down. Removed the aluminum mast step to
media blast and powder coat.
There are three `stringers` the mast step sits on. The forward and aft
stringers,which the step is bolted to, are bulging. Tapping on them reveals
a delamination inside.
I am thinking this is caused by forces from the adjustable mast crushing
the laminate wood inside. The bay this is in is too high to be caused by
water intrusion.
Anyone else experiencing this?
The plan is to drill holes and inject epoxy, then bolt on a suupport piece
of 1/2" aluminum across the face, bolted into the solid parts of the
Any input is welcome.

S/V La Neige
1993 C&C 37/40 XL
Havre de Grace , MD
FB blog : thenext14years
Brian and Manon

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