Reminds me of the time we were visiting the Etobicoke Yacht Club.  We were 
getting ready to leave and we kept hearing this beep, beep and couldn’t figure 
out where it was coming from.  Before we could get away some friends stopped by 
and we had a coffee.  I ask them if they could hear that annoying beep.  They 
could but they also could not determine where it was coming from.  While we 
were enjoying our coffee the DO came knocking and asked if we new the coast 
guard was looking for us and apparently everyone on Lake Ontario as well.  We 
didn’t.  He informed us that our EPIRB had gone off .  Upon investigation I 
found that the little pill that dissolves in water had deteriorated.  I 
immediately pulled the battery, and hailed the coast guard tp call off the 

What’s amazing is that I had never register the EPRIB when I bought Persuasion. 
 The coast guard called the previous owner who gave them my name.

So thank you Marek for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

Conclusion; if you have an EPRIB or any other such devise and are not actively 
sailing SHUT IT OFF.


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This might be of interest to some of us.
Apparently there are quite a few false alarms for EPIRB (and similar systems). 
there was an interesting blurb regarding this problem at Sail Feed:


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