Hi Dennis

It seems a bit different in Canada.  I received something in mail from 
Transport Canada that I was not expecting.  Upon opening it was the new 
certificate of registration.  They issue one every three years.  I did not even 
request it – it just came automatically.

The even better news is that they also did not require me to pay anything.

Persistence V
Halifax, NS

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Well, gee.  I just got my "courtesy" renewal notice from "Maritime 
Documentation Center".  I promptly emailed them an "official notice of shame".  

For those who are new the list a while and haven't seen our derision at these 
folks, let me elaborate.  The "Maritime Documentation Center" is NOT the US 
Coast Guard's Vessel Documentation Center (VDC).  It is a third party entity 
who will gladly charge you three times the fee of the VDC for doing what you 
can do on the VDC's website in under 5 minutes.  It's not illegal, just 

They simply send you an official looking courtesy notice for renewal.  It may 
show up slightly before the USCG VDC's real renewal notice.

Do not be fooled.  The VDC fee for renewal is $26.  Pay no more.  The official 
VDC website is here:


Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA

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