I have read an attempted various suggestion on getting cobber to do
UEFI PXE Installation and I haven't had a break though. I am wondering
if someone here had success and how they went about diagnosing the

Here is my setup:
[root@cobbler ~]# rpm -qa | grep cobbler

I have checked at the project site and this seem to be the most recent
release.  I have also pulled fresh boot loaders from github, so I am
not sure if there is anything I can do with updating as I am up to
date as far as I am concerned.

I am able to do installation fine with BIOS, but when I flip to UEFI,
the booting fails with very unhelpful error.  I have DHCP server
outside of cobbler management but since I am using static IP, I
thought its fine.

I have looked at the ISC DHCP logs, and don't see anything helpful
there.  When I look at the logs after "cobbler sync", I do see
splash.xpm.gz being pushed to tftp.  I have fixed
/etc/cobbler/pxe/efidefault.template as recommended by this old
article, but no luck yet


Any ideal where I should poke going forward?


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