Habitat Stamps will not only not be required for entry into State Wildlife
Areas this year (with exception as noted for those buying fishing and
hunting licenses) but will no longer be required in the future.  The Colo
State Legislature passed a bill this year removing the requirement that all
persons entering SWA's have a Habitat Stamp as it turned out that the
requirement was in conflict with some federal laws pertaining to the
spending of federal monies on those areas.

Birders and other users of SWA's are still encouraged to purchase Habitat
Stamps so we can help DOW purchase habitat that supports wildlife including
the birds we enjoy.  Additionally the Habitat Stamp pays for search and
rescue programs.

"A Colorado <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/colorado>
Wildlife<http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/wildlife>Habitat Stamp is
no longer required to enter State
Wildlife <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/wildlife> Areas. New state
legislation has redesigned the
Wildlife <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/wildlife> Habitat Protection
Program that provides funding for
conservation <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/conservation>.

Anyone buying a hunting <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/hunting> or
fishing <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/fishing> license in
Colorado<http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/colorado>is still
required to purchase a stamp.
Non-license buyers may continue to purchase stamps as a way to contribute to
wildlife <http://blog.buckrunoutdoors.com/tag/wildlife>
Purchase of a stamp also provides search-and-rescue benefits."

SeEtta Moss
Canon City

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Bill Maynard <ante...@juno.com> wrote:

> COBirders,
> I just received a message from a volunteer at the Colorado Division of
> Wildlife saying: "No Habitat Stamp is needed for SWAs this year",
> although the message also says anyone purchasing a hunting or fishing
> licenses will be required to purchase the habitat stamp.  Non-license
> recreationists may still purchase "stamps" as a way of  contributing to
> wildlife conservation in the state wildlife areas.  The CDOW owns 230
> State Wildlife Areas currently totalling 370,000 acres, many with
> excellent birding opportunities, all open to the public (some only
> seasonally) for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing.
> http://wildlife.state.co.us has information about specific properties.
> Bill Maynard
> Colorado Springs
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