Yesterday I spent a short time at Chatfield SP early in the morning,
without finding too much of note. The best for me for the park was a
female *Williamson's
Sapscuker* along the path leading to the Original Heronry Overlook
platform. She flew into some pines there, then after a short time flew out
toward some other trees nearer to the park office. A juv. *Sabine's Gull*
was over the lake off the South Platte delta.

In the last few days Migrant landbirds around my home at Massey Draw in Ken
Caryl Valley have been moderately diverse, but in lesser numbers than on
some of the better recent days. Highlights from the yard perspective
include *Green-tailed Towhee*, *Sage Thrasher* and *Rock Wren*.
*Hummingbird* numbers are thinning notably, *House Wrens* and *flycatchers *are
dropping out. *Wilson's Warblers* remain relatively numerous, but *Yellows*
and *MacGillivray's* are winking out, while *Audubon's* and *Orange-crowned
Warblers *and *Ruby-crowned Kinglets* are increasing. *Townsend's
Solitaires* and *Mountain Bluebirds*, too.

My front porch looks toward the first rise of foothills that is inside the
hogbacks. This morning I spent some time scoping above the upper slopes
there, perhaps leaving my neighbors a little uncertain as I pointed my
scope over and beyond the tops of their homes. And it paid off, as there
was a decent movement of raptors, mostly moving south. I viewed in three
periods from 9:30 to 12:15 totalling 105 minutes. The raptor talley
included 4 *Turkey Vultures*, 12 *Sharp-shinned Hawks*, 7 *Cooper's Hawks*,
11 *Accipiter sp.*, 9 *Red-tailed Hawks*, 1 *Buteo sp.*, 2 *Golden Eagles*,
14 *American Kestrels*, 1 *Merlin*, and 2 *falcon sp*.  I also saw one *Lewis's
Woodpecker* moving south. I was pretty happy with this for an effort from
the front porch!

David Suddjian
Ken Caryl Valley
Littleton, CO

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