Things are starting to heat up down here at Chico Basin Ranch (fee area) 
and unfortunately, I don't mean with migration! Temps peaked around 88F 
today and are predicted to go over 90F the next two days. Sadly, the 
combination of high temps and clear skies are not the best for either 
banding or birding as it was almost eerily quiet and still for most of the 
day. Despite the weather, we were still fortunate to band 40 new birds, 
including three 'first of the season' species: *Sharp-shinned Hawk*, *Blue-gray 
Gnatcatcher*, and *Rock Wren*! 

What I find interesting is that every day for the last four days, albeit at 
different times, a flock of *Common Grackles* and *Red-winged Blackbirds* 
make a very noisy appearance/entrance into Holmes Grove, which in turn, 
usually heralds a flurry of activity from other various sized birds as 
well. This is actually proving to be not only the best time to catch birds 
but also to see them. There is a group of four* Red-shafted Flickers* that 
almost always add their own 'antics' to the blackbird commotion in the 
grove and we have now caught all four of them, although only banded three, 
as the female keeps freeing herself from the nets. 

Also, of note, the *Long-eared Owls* made their first appearance today in 
the back area of Holmes Grove where they like to roost in the winter. They 
had been seen elsewhere on the ranch but today was the first day that they 
were spotted by Holmes. The *Prothonotary Warbler *was not seen today nor 
was it recaptured, although he had a decent amount of fat on him both times 
that we caught him so hopefully he has found his way back on track.  

As of today, we have banded 848 new birds and 52 species this fall.  

We will be open every day until October 1st. Please not that this week 
there are large school groups on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and they 
usually start around 9/9:30. 

Hope to see you out on the ranch!

Laura-Marie Koitsch
Bird Bander- Chico Basin Ranch
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

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