Today we banded our 900th bird for the fall banding season here at Chico 
Basin Ranch (fee area). It was a *Blue Jay*! Haha now I know some of you 
were thinking that it might be a *Brown Thrasher* as we have managed to 
catch more of them than I, at least, ever thought possible. In fact, we're 
up to 48 newly banded Brown Thrashers this season, but who's counting. ;)

Another highlight today was a stunning *White-eyed Vireo*, a bird that we 
have not banded here in the fall since 2012. This was the second vireo 
that's usually considered a more 'eastern' bird, the first being the* 
Bell's Vireo*, that we've caught and banded this season. And after the 
Warbler*....and the* Canada Warbler*....and the *Magnolia Warbler*, you'd 
think we'd run out of awesome birds down here at the Ranch, but you just 
never know what's going to turn up next! 

Also of note, we banded two more *Cooper's Hawks* today, bringing our total 
count for accipiters this season up to four. 

We're open every day through October 1st. Please note that this week there 
are large school groups scheduled on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Hope to see you out on the Ranch!

Laura-Marie Koitsch
Bird Bander- Chico Basin Ranch
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

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