Thanks Ira and Tammy Sanders for yesterday's post, and Adam Vesley for today's 
update. Following suit so others know it's still active there. At about 1:30 
myself, John Drummond, and Jeannie Mitchell saw the Pomarine Jaeger at 
Chatfield Reservoir (Douglas Co) from the rocky point by the handicapped 
fisherman's pier and got good photos. It mostly sat on the water on the west / 
northwest side, but made several flights around the reservoir, passing by us 
once. It raised everything off of the sand spit and made a run at some ducks 
and grebes but I never saw it take food. 

John also spotted two young Sabine's Gulls near the spit which provided great 
views, size comparison to other gulls, and photos in bright light. We were 
fortunate in our brief visit to Chatfield. 

Dan Stringer
Larkspur, CO

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