The last week has been Homecoming at CU Boulder, one of my busiest times of
year, so when I read the news about the Chatfield Pomarine Jaeger, well,
let's just say I was happy for all of you who were able to see the bird.
Every day I expected to hear that it had left...

It's tough having to work, knowing a life bird is just a 30-minute drive
away. When I arrived at Chatfield State Park around noon today, there were
more boats than birds. Not a good sign. I did see a few birders, but none
had found the Jaeger. Yet patience paid off and I was able to locate the
bird from a shady vantage near the north boat ramp around 3:30 or so.

And speaking of boats, a huge thanks to Dave and Laurie who graciously
guided me in their very cool little speed boat. We got pretty good looks at
the bird <>!

Good birding,

Peter Burke

935 11th St. Boulder, CO 80302

(973) 214-0140

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