This noon, I decided to check to see if the Pacific Loon previously 
reported from 
Boyd Lake State Park was still there. It is still hanging around the south 
end of 
the lake. It was joined by a Common Loon. The two were hanging out 
sometimes as close as 3-4 feet. They were foraging off the extreme southern 
end of the lake near a marker buoy indicating shallow water.

To get to a good vantage point to scan, take the first side road to the 
right as you 
enter the park and follow this all the way to the southern-most parking lot 
all of the campgrounds. Park here and cross the bridge over the canal. 
the paved sidewalk and take the dirt path to the left. after only about 20 
take the left single-lane trail and stay on this (do not take any of the 
side trails 
from this single track). Follow this track down into a low area and under 
overhanging branch of a Cottonwood Tree and up the other side. When you 
get up, this track joins with a dirt park access road. Go to the left on 
this road 
until you get to a green marker sign with the numeral "6" on it. Leave the 
road and make your way through the weeds to the edge of the lake at this 
point. You should then have good viewing access to the south end of the 

Joe Mammoser
Fort Collins
Larimer County

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