On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 9:46:34 AM UTC-6, Cheri Phillips wrote:
> Hi, What happened to the bird tracks rare bird report on the CFO home page? 
> All I see now is a box to click to go to ebird. Perhaps it is just that I'm 
> not familiar enough with ebird to know how to get current rare bird sightings 
> like one could with the bird tracks report but this seems like a really poor 
> substitute. Please bring it back! 
> Cheri Phillips
> Centennial, CO

Sorry all. Thanks for bringing up this subject. I didn't realize it was an 
issue until I heard from David that the gadget was no longer functional. I 
contacted the developer, who has shut down his website but graciously made his 
code available, so for CFO, Colorado County Birding, and DFO (as well as South 
Dakota, Iowa and Missouri) Bird Trax is now running from the Iowa Birds 
website. Hopefully there will be a more permanent solution soon but at least 
for the near term things are as they should be.
Ann Johnson

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