Today I deiced to explore Gilipn County some more and add to my life 
checklist. Rather than head over to Golden Gate state park I went exploring 
and found East Portal Trailhead. While that was an amazing walk what took 
the prize today was a *LARK BUNTING* between 8 or 9 thousand feet. I was 
rather surprised at this find and took a picture. This was not found at the 
trailhead but along the road, Tolland Road, county road 16, west of 
Rollinsvile. I found it in a meadow past the sign that warned of private 
property the next mile and a half, so you can't leave your car here. I 
first noticed a flock of mountain bluebirds and there on the fence was the 
lark bunting. A female was present but I could not photograph her. But I 
manged to photo the male, which I know was rare for the location. Here is 
my checklist for the road, the point I created was the meadow of the road 
where I saw the birds. Funny thing was I did not plan on creating a 
checklist here.

Brian Johnson,
Englewood Co

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