I was wondering if I could get some advise on a bird that has proven a 
elusive one for me. The Band Tailed Pigeon, it does not seem like this bird 
should be hard to find but I have been chasing this critter for two years 
now. I get to the place where it was reported and it's gone. My next day 
off is Tuesday (I am working a lot right now) next week and I was going up 
to Silverthorn area for a hike and will try and search for this bird again. 
So my question is, does any one have suggestions along the 1 70 corridor 
between Silverthorn and Denver metro area? If there is a good place around 
Silverthorn/Dillon I can search there too, I am staying open about where in 
the area I want to hike. Another area that looks promising looking at ebird 
is Ward. But I am open to suggestions. 
Brian Johnson
Englewood Co

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