Sorry for the late post,
At Ramah Reservoir yesterday (El Paso Co) there were six species of 
Sandpipers, it took me over 2 hours of walking to find them all: I counted 
8 Least, 4 Bairds, 6 Semi-palmated, 2 Pectoral, 2 Stilt, 1 Solitary. No 
Spotted Sandpipers. Also four Black Terns. Dropped down to Chico Basin 
Ranch (fee area), the roads were awful from heavy rains day/night before so 
I didn't get around very much. In the area south of headquarters, which I 
believe is in Pueblo County, I saw more Common Nighthawks than I've ever 
seen, I quit counting at 80 +. The only other thing noteworthy to me was at 
Ramah, Chico, and the roads between, I saw 25 + or - Loggerhead Shrikes.

Dan Stringer
Larkspur, CO

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