Hey COBirders,

A cool, wet, foggy, breezy day - so a good day for banding at Clear Spring 
Ranch. 30 birds banded today. Highlight was a FOS Northern Waterthrush adult.
EBird didn’t like the report as a “rare bird", and I had to retype it twice, 
but I actually have banded 5 NOWA’s before August 15 over the last couple of 

Also unexpected were 8 Lark Sparrows, when I had only two all season last year! 

Yellow Warblers and Gray Catbirds are migrating now. Several warblers were 
showing loads of fat. I also had a very early Wilson’s Warbler second-year male 
yesterday. The 17 catbirds have all been hatch-year, except one second year. I 
wouldn’t have expected that many from local nests. But also seen today, by the 
ranch gate, was a flock of 30+ catbirds moving together. Two Western Tanagers 
(ad Female, SY male) the last two days, are two more than I had all last fall.

As you might expect, the roads and trails are pretty soft and muddy at the 
ranch, and forecasts are for more moisture in the near future. Local flooding 
isn't be out of the question. Little Fountain Creek was running fairly high 
today(for a channel that is usually dry).  You gotta love the precipitation, 

Happy Migration,
Steve Brown
Colo Spgs

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