In the spirit of David's post, here are some of my recent sightings around 
Centennial (Arapahoe).

Last weekend, I returned from a non-birding vacation out of the country 
(who knew there is any such thing as a non-birding vacation!?) to find a 
Western Wood Pewee in my yard on August 6. This was my first pewee in the 
Centennial area since early June. 

On August 7, I did a short, early walk around Holly Park in Centennial, 
where I found small flocks of both Lark Sparrows and Lark Buntings. The 
Lark Sparrows were my first in Centennial this year, but Cynthia Madsen has 
been finding them around west Centennial since late-July. The buntings seem 
to be on a similar timeline as the sparrows; Mary O'Connor reported two 
along the Dry Creek trail in Centennial in late-July. But they seem less 
common, numerous, and widespread in west Arapahoe (so far) than Lark 
Sparrows are this summer.

My hummingbird feeders are increasingly active. A Black-chinned arrived on 
August 8. The next day, a possible Calliope arrived; I have to review some 
photos to confirm that. 

Finally, on August 10, as I waited for a RTD bus to the airport at Arapahoe 
at Village Center Station (Greenwood Village), I encountered a Pygmy 
Nuthatch, my first in the county, in a cluster of five small conifers. This 
was a day after David saw a Pygmy at St. Mary's in Littleton and about 8 
miles directly east of his sighting. It was one of the odder ways & spots 
that I've encountered a county binoculars, waiting on a late bus 
during rush hour, and in a group of unimpressive trees amid a vast sea of 
empty lots & pavement. 

- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO (but out of the country again & still not to bird!)

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