Hey, all.

Jared and David have posted some local observations. Here are mine.

Early, very early, this Saturday morning, Aug. 12, I heard a few *lark 
sparrows* migrating over Lafayette, Boulder County. It was hazy with a 
north wind. I didn't see any Perseids, and I didn't hear any chipping 
sparrows. A cool sighting was a very alert night-roosting *Cooper hawk.* 
We're getting on toward "high season" for singing orthopterans, and, whilst 
I was listening to the sparrows on nocturnal migration, I heard Carolina 
ground crickets, Allard ground crickets, snowy tree crickets, fall field 
crickets, and a greater angle-wing katydid.

Yesterday, Friday, Aug. 11, Andrew Floyd and I saw a *loggerhead shrike* 
near Prince Lake No. 2, eastern Boulder County.

And even though it's still summer, it's also next spring already for the 
courting *great horned owls,* both sexes of which have been vocal the past 
couple mornings here in Lafayette.

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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