I like to seek birds at Massey Draw beside my home as often as I can each
week (sorry, no public access). There is - nearly without fail - something
interesting to be found, some days better than others, of course. Today was
very quiet. But a prize was a *Loggerhead Shrike*, the first for my
immediate home area. It was perched atop a cottonwood snag and then it flew
off to the south -- perhaps migration in action. The species is a rare fall
migrant at Ken Caryl Valley. I had four sightings in the valley in the past
three years, all from Aug 12 - Sept 9, so today's shrike fits that pattern.

An *Eastern Phoebe* was along Valley Road near Ken Caryl Ave. This species
is also rare at Ken Caryl Valley.

I stopped at a string of spots around the hogbacks this evening and there
was a decent showing by *Great Horned Owl *(12), *Common Poorwill*
(3), and *Common
Nighthawk* (4).

David Suddjian
Ken Caryl Valley
Littleton, CO


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