I had a neat surprise while hiking with my dogs this morning.  We hiked
from Green Mountain Falls up to South Catamount Reservoir.  Shortly after I
turned around and headed back, I noticed about 10 birds flying in/out of
the rocks below the dam on the north side of South Catamount Res.  I
assumed Rosy Finches, so I walked back up the trail and onto the dam to get
a better look.  The birds were very hard to see below the damn among the
rocks.  I was only able to positively id 2 Brown-capped and one Black
before the flock got spooked and started taking off.  I would never have
guessed how many birds were among the rocks - they kept coming and coming
and coming.  Almost magical.  I recorded 400, but that's a conservative

Next time I go, I'll bring my scope and stay below the damn.  The birds
will be easier to see and less likely to get spooked.

I was hoping this was going to be El Paso County, but it's just inside

Kevin Ash
Colorado Springs, CO

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