Hey, all. With Sharon Stiteler and Hannah Floyd and Andrew Floyd, I'm 
having a grand old freezing cold time down here at the High Plains Snow 
Goose Festival, Lamar, Prowers County. Earlier today, Fri., Feb. 9, at 
Willow Creek Park, behind Lamar Community College, we saw an *auduboni 
Hermit Thrush* and an *iliaca Fox Sparrow,* along with more expected birds 
like *Red-bellied Woodpecker, Myrtle Warbler,* *Audubon's Warbler,* and 
Cardinal.* A *Great-tailed Grackle* was inclined to sing, for whatever 
reason, this dreary afternoon. And an oddity was a leucistic dark-morph 
Hawk.* Think about it.

Hard to believe, but the weather is supposed to be even more wretched 
tomorrow. So what are you waiting for! Come on down for the rest of the 
weekend. Great workshops and presentations, plus mildly insane field trips. 
Sharon was last seen photographing bluebirds in a cemetery well east of 
town Lord knows where...

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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