The Redpoll flock is back again at the same brushy draw, about 300 yards from 
the main parking lot trailhead along the pedestrian/hiking trail.

They were hunkered down on the ground and flushed as I approached but returned 
immediately to the ground where they are presumably foraging for something, but 
they are difficult to see once they go down so I have no idea what they’re 
getting. Whatever it is it must be better than what I am offering at my 
feeders, which are only about 1/4 mile away. As before, they were first 
detected by voice giving soft, frequent ‘chup’ notes. These birds have not been 
reliable, but this is now the fourth time I’ve run into them in this same draw. 
 I suspect they might stick around there for a few hours during the snow.
Arvind Panjabi5500’ on the north slope of Milner MountainLarimer, Co.

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