I took one of my dogs out for a cold, foggy walk at Marjorie Perry Nature 
Preserve & Willow Spring Open Space in Arapahoe Co. this morning (2/12). I 
didn't hear or see much at the preserve. The best sightings were a tree 
full of magpies and crows mobbing a Red-tailed and some distant birders 
that I couldn't positively ID (though based on equipment and other field 
marks, I suspect David Hill & Cynthia Madsen).

My walk around Willow Spring Open Space didn't yield much until the end, 
when I glimpsed the open space's Northern Shrike dive from a conspicuous 
perch and disappear into the brush. Soon after, a Northern Harrier, 
coursing over the marsh and grasses, cut close to us, flying just beyond 
arm's reach. This is the first time I've seen a harrier appear to hunt in 
my suburban portion of westish Arapahoe. (All my previous local sightings 
were flyovers.) And it was certainly the closest I've ever been to this 
bird. Even my dog appeared to watch it pass by...

- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO

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